Why Moraswap is here!

Solana is one of the most technically advanced blockchains, offering low gas fees and high throughput of transactions due to its technological innovations. However, the multi-year development and vast infrastructure of Ethereum greatly affect developers and users, thus creating a barrier for longtime Ethereum developers and users to come to Solana.

So since Neon was born, it enables full compatibility with Ethereum on Solana that allows dApp developers to access the advantages of Solana and thus expand their services.

We know you are coming and a DeFi platform is needed for the growth of the entire Neon ecosystem. And you've got us, Moraswap!

Moraswap provides and supports the essential activities of a trader, holder, investor or developer on the Neon platform. Helping you access economic growth possibilities based on the principles: transparency, safety and customer first. Moraswap will always approach the sun. Understanding the market and innovating services to bring great benefits and experiences to you guys!

Hey! We're Moraswap - all DEFI you need on Solana's Neon EVM. Nice to meet you!

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