Community Program

Moraswap wishes to build a large and united user community who are ready to accompany the project in the future. To do that, we understand that your benefits must put on the top. Therefore, all of your contributions will be recognized, evaluated and rewarded with worthy benefits through the Community Program.

This program will use Crew3 (An operating system for web3 community) to distribute tasks, evaluate results, add points (XP), rank participants. Benefits and Rewards will be distributed to you based on your XP and rank. Tasks will be updated regularly but you don’t need to spend time checking on Crew3 every day because when a new task is delivered then a notification will be sent automatically to the “Community Program” channel on Moraswap’s Discord.

Why should you join the Community Program?

Currently we will not announce the rewards or benefits that you will receive. They will be very flexible, come at any time and have no limits. Therefore, we recommend that you should accumulate XP and always be ready for unexpected rewards. They can be a sum of money, the “special advantages” of participating in the Moraswap ecosystem or even a member of the management board…

How does the hierarchy work?

Based on your XP to divide into many levels. Each level will have different benefits, this motivates your hard work. Here is the hierarchy on Crew3:

Check more detail:

What will the tasks be like?

These are tasks that do not require any costs or risks. Tasks will be divided into different levels. Some of them are very simple to perform. Others require an investment of effort or even talent. But you know, every effort will pay off. They can be activities on social networks, answering quizzes, participating in contests, sharing experiences….

Requirements to join?

S1: Login Crew3 with your Discord account here:

S2: Search for Moraswap to perform quests. Or click directly on the attached link on Moraswap Discord.

No hassles, no fees, no risks!

Plus or minus XP

In addition to performing tasks, when regularly participating in chats, supporting the community, providing good information, the Moraswap team can plus for you more XP directly right on Discord’s chat box — Another way to earn extra XP.

On the contrary, if it is negative, defamatory content that violates community guidelines, you may also have XP deducted immediately.

This is based on the personal judgment of the Moraswap team (usually CMs).

Start participating here:

Program announcement channel:

Hey, Rank up the levels to get your medals!

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