Moraswap's Ecosystem

Moraswap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) built on Solana's Neon EVM. It inherits superior advantages such as instant transaction speed (4500 TPS) and low transaction fees (0.0001$/Swap) from the Solana Network, while ensuring safety and complete transparency.

At the core of Moraswap is the DEX with two versions, DEX V2 and DEX V3. Moraswap aims to become the liquidity and trading hub for the entire Neon EVM ecosystem.

To achieve this goal, Moraswap also has other supporting products for the DEX, including:

  • Farming 1 and Farming 2: Stimulating liquidity development, allocated according to the Emission Schedule.

  • Staking and Governance: Creating value for the MORA token.

  • Future products: Built to meet the needs of users, bringing benefits and power to $MORA holders. These will be announced in late Q4 2023.

During the initial stage of development - Phase 2 Tetonics, Moraswap offers users benefits based on their roles in the ecosystem, as follows:

Trader : Users who buy/sell tokens on Moraswap's DEX.

Easily trade tokens on the Neon network with advantage of Solana network:

  • Low Fee: Taking advantage of low transaction fee on Neon, the transaction fee on Moraswap is low. However, there are still a few ways to reduce your transaction fees deeply. Is that what you wanted?

  • High speed: Thanks to Solana, the transaction on Neon in general and Moraswap in particular is very fast.

  • Safety: The recent incident of a major CEX has caused a crisis of your confidence. But Moraswap is a DEX where your funds are only used from your wallet through your private verifications. Even so, security measures such as multi testing round and audit have been implemented.

Liquidity Providers (LPs): Users who provide liquidity.

  • Earn Farming Rewards: Provide liquidity to DEX V2 and V3 and receive LP Tokens and NFT LP Tokens, which can be used to earn rewards in $MORA token or other tokens.

  • Earn 0.2% in total trading fee.

  • LP Tokens and NFT LP Tokens will have additional utility through products within the project or through partnerships with other projects.

Stakers: Users who stake their $MORA in Staking Product.

  • Earn 0.07% in total trading fee.

  • Be discount 10% in total trading fee when Stakers trade.

  • Be shared other revenue sources of the project.

  • Have the rights to vote in governance.

The above are useful initial essentials. Other surprises and competitive advantages have long been ready. We hope you enjoy these! Look forward to more!

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