Help you connect to Neon EVM

Set up Metamask with Neon

Installing Metamask

If you have not installed and own a Metamask wallet, please do so here. It is compatible with Chrome, Brave and Firefox.

Connect Metamask to Neon

Unlock Metamask > Select Settings > Select Add Network. Enter the following Neon information:

  1. Neon Mainnet

    • Network Name: Neon Mainnet

    • New RPC URL: https://neon-proxy-mainnet.solana.p2p.org

    • ChainID: 245022934

    • Symbol: NEON

    • Explorer: https://neonscan.org

    • Gas fees on Neon will be paid in NEON.

  2. Neon Devnet

    • Network Name: Neon Devnet

    • New RPC URL: https://devnet.neonevm.org

    • ChainID: 245022926

    • Symbol: NEON

    • Explorer: https://devnet.neonscan.org

    • Gas fees on Neon will be paid in NEON.

Set up Phantom with Solana

Installing Phantom

If you have not installed and own a Phantom wallet, please do so here. It is compatible with Chrome and Firefox.

Open Phantom Wallet and create a new wallet

After clicking the Phantom Wallet, you could see two options:

  • Create New Wallet

  • Use Secret Recovery Phrase

Since you are a new user, click on Create New Wallet.

Store Secret Recovery Phrase or Mnemonic

After clicking the Create New Wallet, you could see the Secret Recovery Phrase aka Mnemonic.

Kindly note it somewhere private. You could only recover your account via Secret Phrase. There is no other alternative to this. If you lost your Recovery Phrase, you lost everything.

You can copy the code by clicking the Copy button underneath the Secret Recovery Phrase.

You can store your Secret Recovery Phrase in a hardware wallet, a mobile wallet, or a desktop wallet. Otherwise, you can write it down on a piece of paper and keep it somewhere private.

Once you note down your Secret Recovery Phrase, click OK, I saved it somewhere.

Create a password for your wallet

The next step will be creating a password for your Phantom Wallet.

You can type your password in the Password field and Confirm Password. Ensure to set a solid password with combinations of numbers, alphabets, and special characters.

After typing the password, you have to select the check box and Click Save; make sure to read the Terms of Service before selecting. In a nutshell, Terms of Service include a privacy policy, third-party services, content ownership and removal, rights, fees, account termination policy, and government law.

Keyboard shortcut

After setting the password, now your browser window will show an instructional message for ease of use.

That is nothing but a shortcut to opening the Phantom Wallet. Click Alt/ Option+Shift+P together to open the Phantom Wallet extension without navigating in your browser.

Here, you need to click the Continue button.

This is one of the cool features to use.

Use Phantom

On the successful completion of all steps mentioned here, you could see the message below. Click Finish.

It indicates that you’ve successfully installed the Phantom Wallet Extension and created a Phantom Wallet account.

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