Very simple to swap tokens for other tokens through Moraswap, fast at market price. You must pay a small fee is 0.3%. Break it down into:

  • 0.2% fee for liquidity providers (LPs).

  • 0.07% fee for Stakers.

  • 0.03% fee for team or be discounted.

How to Exchange


  • MetaMask wallet.

  • Some NEON for gas.

  • Tokens to swap.

How to swap

  1. Go to Swap Page.

  2. Connect your wallet and make sure that it is on Neon chain.

  3. Select the token pair you want to trade and enter the amount.

  4. Check the information and then press the “Swap” button.

  5. Confirm your exchange then click “Confirm Swap”.

  6. Transaction confirmation.

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