Bridge Guides

Bring assets from other chains to Neon

The NeonPass is the way to transfer your assets back and forth between Solana & Neon. This guide will show you how to use it.


  • Metamask Wallet

  • Phantom Wallet

  • Gas tokens (NEON on Neon & SOL on Solana)

How to Bridge

Make sure that the icons of these wallets are displayed at the top right.

Go to and connect your Metamask wallet.

Choose the route you want to follow (from Neon to Solana in this case).

Choose your asset and the amount that you want to transfer then click Next.

Click Select Wallet to connect your Phantom wallet to NeonPass then click Next.

Read the details of the upcoming transfer of tokens and click Confirm.

Confirm the transaction in your Metamask, once you confirm, the transaction will start.

Approve the transaction in the Phantom window, which will display the amount transferred and fee charged in SOL tokens. You should receive a notification that the token transfer was successful.

Open the View on Solana Explorer page to see the results of transferring funds using NeonPass.

The Token Balance Change tab shows the change in balances upon completion of the procedure.

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